What You Need To Know BEFORE Hiring A Handyman

So you are ready to hire a Handyman or Contractor, but do you really know what to look for to ensure you are covered? Not verifying who you hire holds certain credentials and the proper insurance could cost you.

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First, you should always verify the license of the contractor before hiring them.   There are three types of licenses issued: class A, class B and class C. The class A license is considered to be the most valued and highest level of license issued. Class A firms must meet a higher technical and financial standard as required by the State.  Given this

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, you want to only hire a Class A contractor.

After license verification, ask the contractor if their company is an EPA Certified Lead Renovation Firm.  If not and your home was built prior to 1978, most likely your home contains lead.  The fines for violating this rule are $25,000 per day.  Even if you live in a newer home, look for this certification.  EPA Certified Lead Renovation Firms have to meet very strict standards and are very familiar about building and remodeling regulations.  You want to know that the work you are requesting to be done meets all governmental regulations.

Next, you want to know the company does the work themselves and does not outsource or subcontract. This ensures you are dealing with just one organization should something go wrong.  Make sure the contractor provides you a professional written estimate and guarantees or warrantees their work. When the contractor visits your home to provide an estimate, look at the condition of vehicle they are driving and the variety of tools they have in their possessions.  Look online to see reviews other customers have left about the company, look at their company website and look at customer testimonials.  Also, verify what payment options they offer.  Never prepay any contractor the full contract amount.

Lastly , verify the company you plan to hire holds both Commercial General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This is a must. You want a copy and verify the insurance is current.  Commercial General Liability insurance covers the homeowner for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury in the event of damage to or loss of, a home or structure due to a contractor’s negligence.  Worker’s Compensation Insurance protects homeowners or business owners from liability for injuries incurred while workers are at their home or business.   Should the contractor you hire not hold these importance insurance policies, you can be held liable for the mishap and the incurred losses to the worker in terms of wages.  A very inexpensive repair could cost you a lot!

When you follow these steps, you are able to best identify the right company to help you repair your home and know you are covered.

Virginia Home Repair is a Class A General Contractor and an EPA Certified Lead Renovation Firm.  Virginia Home Repair provides written estimates, guaranties their work and accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check and Cash.  The company holds both Commercial General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  Customer testimonials can be found on virginiahomerepair.com/testimonials

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For more than 32 years, homeowners and commercial property owners have trusted Bryan Teabout, President/Owner of Virginia Home Repair, to repair and remodel their properties. Today, Virginia Home Repair is a Class A General Contractor and one of the leading residential and commercial improvement companies in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
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