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Electricity is expensive and everyone wants to lower both their heating and air conditioning bill. Lowering your electricity bill can be as simple as adding a ceiling fan.  Warm air rises and accumulates at your ceiling.  By running your ceiling fan in the winter clockwise, you push the warm air collected at the ceiling down to you.  As a result, you lower your heating costs.  By running your ceiling fan counterclockwise in summer, you pull warm air towards your ceiling.  Also consider opening a window.  With gentle winds being pulled in from an open window and warm air being pulled to the ceiling, your home will feel cooler. The result, you reduce your air conditioning bill.  Ceiling fans are affordable, stylish, and energy efficient.  In fact, ceiling fans use about the same power as a 100 watt light bulb.  Looking for the ultimate energy savings?  Consider an Energy Star Ceiling Fan, which circulates 15% more air than a traditional fan.

Let our Virginia Green Handyman Energy Experts help you select the best and most cost effective Green Home improvements that give your home a fresh new look while lowering your energy bill.  Virginia Home Repair provides professional installation of Doors, Windows, Insulation, Low Flow Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Faucets, Showerheads, Low Flow Toilets, Solar Outdoor Lighting, Solar Powered Attic Fans, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, Light Switch Dimmers, TV’s and more.

Together, Bryan and his experienced Professional Green Handyman and Trade Specialists Team ensure the job gets done right the first time and at an unbeatable value. With Virginia Home Repair, you get a Class A Contractor, the highest level of licensing and financial certification awarded to a Virginia Contractor.  We are insured.  Most important, all work is guaranteed. We believe by helping our customers conserve energy, we all benefit.  We are your Virginia Beach Green Handyman.

Energy Efficient Products: Ceiling Fans

Energy Efficient Products: Ceiling Fans

Call Virginia Home Repair today.  SAVE Money by Going Green.

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