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GO GREEN and SAVE MONEY with Energy Efficient Windows

Virginia Home Repair: Window Replacement

Because windows typically comprise 10 to 25% of the exterior wall area of your home, energy savings begin with energy efficient windows.  New windows can lower your energy costs and give your home a new and updated look.   The energy savings from new energy efficient windows can be significant.  Here’s why:  

  • In hot climates, windows can account for up to 25% of a typical homes heating load
  • In cooler climates, windows can account for up to 50% of the cooling load
  • Install standard double pane windows. An average home saves up to $111 per year in energy costs
  • Replace standard windows with Energy Star Windows. An average home saves up to $465 per year

Replacing your windows makes sense if your current windows are old and energy inefficient.  An added benefit is that your new energy efficient windows will update the curb-side appeal of your home.  If you are simply looking for energy savings, there are other more cost effective energy upgrades that will save you money.

Virginia Green Handyman: Curtains, Blinds, Shades

For example, a great way to save energy is to add curtains and shades to any window to make the room more energy efficient.  Shades keep the sun out on a hot summer day and allow sun in on a cold winter day.  Shades are inexpensive and easy to install.  Best yet, curtains and shades add an element of style to any room while lowering your energy bill.  Another great way to save energy without the expense of replacement windows is to properly weather-strip and caulk your existing windows for optimal energy efficiency.

You can also make a room more eco-friendly by painting the room with a low or non-VOC paint. ”VOC” refers to Volatile Organic Compounds which are “off-gasses” found in paints, cleaning chemicals, tobacco, and products made from oil/petroleum.  By using paint that does not give off VOC’s, you protect your family, children, and pet’s while improving the overall indoor air quality in your home.

Let our Green Handyman Energy Experts help you select the best and most cost effective Green Home improvements that give your home a fresh new look while lowering your energy bill.  Virginia Home Repair provides professional installation of Doors, Windows, Insulation, Low Flow Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Faucets, Showerheads, Low Flow Toilets, Solar Outdoor Lighting, Solar Powered Attic Fans, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, Light Switch Dimmers, TV’s and more. With Virginia Home Repair, you get a Class A Contractor, the highest level of licensing and financial certification awarded to a Virginia Contractor.  We are insured.  Most important, all work is guaranteed! We are your Green Handyman in Virginia Beach.

Learn About Energy Efficient Windows from our Virginia Green Handyman Energy Experts.
Call Virginia Home Repair today.  Go Green and Save Money.

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