Roof Leak? You need to fix it NOW!

Do you have a roof leak? If yes, you need to have your roof leak fixed as soon as it happens roof leak and repaired right the first time. Roof leak repairs are very affordable if caught early on and not ignored.  Otherwise , you could be faced with major damage to your home resulting in expensive repairs including wallboard, paint, structural wood rot and mold.  For these reasons, you need to hire a professional repair company, like Virginia Home Repair, who specializes in both roof leak repair and home repair.

Many roof leaks are due to plumbing vent pipe collars. These collars are around the plumbing pipes that protrude through your roofs surface. Typical plumbing vent pipe collars consist of a metal base usually made out of aluminum and a rubber boot that is integrated into the top of the collar. This rubber boot on the collar varies in size according to the size of the pipe being flashed.

When collars go bad

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, often this is due to failure of this rubber boot on the collar. Failure of Roof Leakcollar boots usually results from either a split in the rubber or deterioration of that same rubber over time. If you have water entering your home from a broken or worn out collar, call Virginia Home Repair at 757-409-7372.  We use new state-of-the-art permanent pipe collar replacements that never need to be replaced again and cost the same as traditional collar replacements.

Not all collar leaks are due to bad rubber boots. Often leaks can be caused by the plumbing pipe itself not being properly cleaned before the new collar is installed. This is frequently found on older cast iron pipes that have pits or years of old roofing cement attached to them. The plumbing pipe itself could be the cause of your leak. When the plumbing was installed in your home, your plumber may have routed the plumbing vent pipes through the walls and ceilings up through the top of your roof. Over the years, we have seen some of these pipes leak at the elbow joints.

Your plumbing vent pipes extend through your roof and are open to the sky. This pipe is for venting air.  During a rain storm, your pipe can have water enter and flow through it. Pipe Collar DamageAny water that enters your plumbing vent pipe should find its way to your homes sewer line. Leaks occur when one of the elbows or joints in the pipe experiences some type of failure. Usually you can diagnosis this type of leak by having Virginia Home Repair go up into your attic during a rain storm.  Virginia Home Repair will determine if your leak originated from one of the joints in your pipe or if your leak is due to a bad boot on the collar.

A few other indications of a leaking or broken collar are water stains on your first or second floor. If you see a water stain on your ceiling or wall of your home, you should first eliminate the most obvious cause which would be leaky plumbing in a bathroom or from a toilet. If that is not the source and you are still experiencing a water leak, call Virginia Home Repair and request we go up on your roof and check your plumbing vent collars and the hard flange that is attached to the boot. We will do a thorough inspection to ensure this part of the collar is seated and sealed properly.

Virginia Home Repair are roof leak repair specialists in Virginia Beach.  We offer a variety of roofing repair services and all work is guaranteed.      Call Today! 757-409-7372  


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