Simple Door Repair Tips

Door Repair and Door Replacement

Dealing with doors that are hard to open or close correctly is a common household problem. Fortunately, you can fix most doors with some basic tools and a little patience. So here are some simple door repair tips:

1. If you have a hinged door that’s hard to open or close, then the door was not hung properly in the first place or the door has begun to sag over the years. Begin the repair by closing the door very slowly and noting where the door is rubbing against the frame. Most of the time the top portion will be where the problem lies, though sometimes the trouble spot can be closer to the floor.  In either event, first try tightening the screws in the hinge closest to the sticking point. This can adjust a door’s position by as much as 1/8”. Tighten with a hand screwdriver, not a drill; this way you avoid the risk of stripping the screws.

2. Try to shut the door after this. If it still rubs, then remove the hinge screw closest to the door stop (that’s the strip of material that keeps the door from swinging in too far). Do this for the same hinge you tightened in step one. After removing the screw, get a 3” replacement screw and drive it into the wall framing tightly. Try closing the door again. If it still sticks, then call a professional. The door may need to be removed and planed.

3. Sliding glass doors can become hard to open or close usually due to debris in the tracks or wear in the rollers themselves. Try these steps: clean out the tracks with compressed air and lubricate the rollers. If the door still sticks or jams, then look for the adjustment holes near the top and bottom rollers. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to turn the adjustment screws clockwise if the door sticks or counter-clockwise if the adjustment screws are too loose. If these steps don’t correct the problem, then call a professional. Door replacement may be necessary.

4. If your heating or cooling bills are going up, the problem may lie in your door’s weather stripping. Check each entrance to your home for cracked, worn, or missing strips, and replace as necessary

Stubborn doors are more than an inconvenience.  They can drive up utility bills and can become a significant safety hazard, if your doors are difficult to open or refuse to open during a fire or other household emergency.

Virginia Home Repair specializes in door repair and door replacement.   We can make your doors like new again.

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